The office

The Office was founded in 1963 by Carlos Roldán Leon,specialising in the areas of Private Law, Criminal Law and Insolvency.

Over the years, and to meet the growing demand, other professionals incorporated in the firm: Ricardo Campoy in 1973, Carlos Roldán Brondo in 1984; and María Roldán Díez in 2010.

We have also have expanded our facilities, offering two different locations to our clients: c / Horts, nº 12, and c/ San Miguel nº 46, 1º 1ª, both in the city center of Palma de Mallorca.

All of our partners, together with the administrative and the accounting staff as well as other external collaborators, have succeeded in consolidating the firm in the specialties of private and public law.



The goal of ​​our law firm is to guarantee the best possible representation in all areas of litigation, including claims, reports/indictments and legal assessments in any kind of dispute in order to obtain the best possible solution.

Our areas of specialization are: family law, criminal law, compensation claims, bankruptcy and financial issues, rentals and sales. We offer comprehensive service to victims of traffic accidents to defend their rights and obtain compensation for injuries and damages as well as to victims of unfair practices by banks, insurance companies or other financial entities.

In the criminal area, we offer advice and defense to those involved in gender or domestic violence or those accused of criminal undertakings, or anyone who wishes to file suit.

Our infrastructure and our professional experience and acknowledged prestige ensure that your case will be resolved in the best possible manner, committing ourselves not to seek impossible solutions or to take action without the client’s consent.



The quality of our work, our trust and our commitment to the client is our best value. Honesty, seriousness and responsability are what we value most.

Our objective is excellence in the service rendered through the study and knowledge of the newest developments in the law courts and their effect on the economic sector, which allows us to adjust to the real necessities and adapt to the changes.

Daily learning, ongoing training and the use of the newest technologies are our tools.

In this law firm our involvement with our clients is based on a relationship of trust, personal and direct attention, closeness and availability, based in turn on the principles of respect and responsability. The members of our law firm share the values of reciprocity and loyalty, teamwork and flexibility. We believe in hard work as the best remedy for overcoming difficulties and producing valuable responses and solutions.




Sant Miquel, 46, left staircase, first floor
Phone: 971721893

Dels Horts, 12, lower floor
Phone: 971711433